Small Giants

Small Giants


Founded in 2017 by 4 friends Edoardo Imparato, Francesco Majno, Guglielmo Gori, Marco Parrinello and originally called Crické, Small Giants sell a range of crackers fortified with cricket powder farmed in Thailand.


As Crické they originally started selling large cricket crackers in various flavours Nigella & Onion, Ginger & Chilli but in 2020 they went through a rebranding resulting in a complete overhaul from the name change to Small Giants, the colour scheme of their website and packaging down to the crackers themselves.

In 2019 under the Crické name they had launched a new product line and sold through various websites and for an insect food company they even had a pitch in Borough Market London who showcased Crické as a forward-thinking food brand.

Crické Product Line

The crackers were originally made using 100% natural ingredients including 15% cricket powder which boosted the protein content of the crackers to 22% and came in Nigella & Onion, Ginger & Chilli, Tomato & Oregano & Sunflower & Chia seeds flavours in large 85g boxes.

Small Giants Product Line

In the 2020 rebranding, the company trimmed the product line to 3 flavours, made the crackers smaller and reduced the contents from 85g to 40g but also picked up two 1 star great taste awards.


Rosemary & Thyme, - 2020 Great taste Award 

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Tomato & Oregano 

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Tumeric & Smoked Paprika - 2020 Great taste Award 

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