STOP.…Don’t buy this book before you watch this video. Let’s eat bugs should have been a great beginners book as Entomophagy can be a difficult thing to start. ….Why eat insects? How to buy them? What to do with them? but this book does little to help answer these questions.

This 2nd edition was published in 2014 and back then this book might have been worth the money but not now.

Have you read this book? Let me know if you think it is worth this review in the comments below

lets eat Bugs
lets eat Bugs


LET’S EAT BUGS!: A Thought-Provoking Introduction to Edible Insects for Adventurous Teens and Adults:

Bugs for Beginners: the most complete guide to teach you how to cook edible insects: A cookbook with 75+ recipes and everything you need to know to eat a bug:

5 Entomophagy Books for beginners:…


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