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Charlotte Binder – Isaac Nutrition

This entoview is with Charlotte Binder from Isaac Nutrition @isaac_nutrition.

Charlotte Binder - Isaac Nutrition

Charlotte Binder – Isaac Nutrition

Charlotte talks about how Isaac nutrition started, their choice of insect protein and where they see the market going

Sit back and listen to my conversation with Charlotte Binder from Isaac Nutrition and don’t forget to say Hi to Charlotte on Twitter @isaac_nutrition

Thanks and Enjoy

Resources for today’s show…
•    Isaac Nutrition  (English site)
•    Isaac Nutrition (German site)
•    Isaac Nutrition (Instagram)
•    Isaac Nutrition (Facebook)
•    Isaacpure Buffalo worm powder (Amazon)

  • Rich in numerous minerals and vitamins
  • Over 60% high quality protein
  • High fiber content

isaacpure is the pure, unprocessed flour of the Buffalo worm. In addition to a high protein content, Buffalo also provides you with unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fibres as well as numerous minerals and vitamins (see nutritional values). isaacpure is versatile.

The insects are bred and processed in the Netherlands. The use of pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and preservatives is completely eliminated.

100% Buffalo worm, nothing else.

•   Crossfit

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