Entoview Series | Lee Cadesky from One Hop Kitchen

In this episode of The Ento Podcast Entoview series I talk to Lee Cadesky from One Hope Kitchen and C-Fu Foods.

Lee Cadesky (@onehopkitchen) is a passionate foodie who along with his brother Eli are founders of C-fu foods and One Hop Kitchen.

Using his background in MS in Food Science from Cornell University he created Textured Insect Protein (T.I.P previously known as C-fu) which is a versatile food ingredient that can be used as replacement to meat, eggs and dairy and is featured in their Bolognese sauce.

One Hop kitchen have used T.I.P in 2 Bolognese sauces, Cricket and Mealworm. Both Sauces come in with 10g of protein per cup, made with all natural ingredients with no added sugar and are all gluten, soy, dairy and egg free.

This is a wide-ranging conversation with — enjoy!

Entoview Series| Lee Cadesky lasagna
Insect Lasagna from The Entopodcast Entoview with Lee Cadesky
Entoview Series| Lee Cadesky
Cricket Bolognese from The Entopodcast Entoview series with Lee Cadesky

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C-fu FOODS Inc –  www.cfufoods.com

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @cfufoods

One Hop Kitchen –  www.onehopkitchen.com

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @onehopkitchen