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Are you ready for cricket burgers?

Are you ready for cricket burgers? Over two billion people regularly eat insects. Why are Americans so squeamish? DEREK BERES 06 May 2019 Humans have eaten insects for a long time, yet Westerners rarely put them on their plate. Insects are a sustainable and nutritious alternative that can help mitigate the effects of climate change. […]


Crickets that taste like cotton candy are fueling major growth plans for a Lewiston company

Crickets that taste like cotton candy are fueling major growth plans for a Lewiston company By Lori Valigra, BDN Staff • May 3, 2019 1:00 am Updated: May 3, 2019 2:03 pm A Lewiston company that makes and sells edible insects is planning a major expansion during the coming year as demand for crickets and other critters as snacks […]


Episode 40

Today on The Ento Podcast we have another a review of this month’s Insects as food and feed conference We also have a new sponsor – Crunchy Critters The UK’s leading supplier of internationally sourced, varied and exclusive ready-to-eat edible insects and arachnids. Use ENTO10 at checkout to get 10% off your shop The Insects as food and […]


SWAP (Silkworm as Protein)

The challenge Feeding the world is a huge challenge as the population is expected to grow to 9.6 billion by 2050. Increasing income, in addition to improved living conditions, is seen as a driver in the rise of animal protein consumption worldwide. The rate of meat consumption is increasing swiftly in developing regions, namely Asia, […]


Finnish researchers develop food ingredients based on insects

Technical Research Center of Finland, VTT has developed food ingredients from mealworms and crickets, which are expected to be used in food processing in the future. The raw materials based in insects can be used to produce meatballs and falafel, said VTT in a press release issued on Thursday. Researchers at VTT have developed a […]


Researchers still insisting that people in the U.S. will eat bugs for protein

For most folks in the United States and Europe, the thought of eating bugs is repulsive. For the majority of people everywhere else, it’s just part of life. And while crunching on a cricket or slurping down a grub (ala Simba in Lion King) seems like something only people on Fear Factor would consider, the […]



The ASEAN Food and Feed Insects Association, which will represent insect food manufacturers in Southeast Asia, hopes to make an impact on both public awareness and industry standards. One of its cofounders says the group’s agenda may be an easier sell in that part of the world. The edible bug industry is looking for some […]


Insect pasta sauce makers want you to eat bugs

TORONTO — Imagine grabbing a mealworm powder smoothie for breakfast, snacking on chocolate chip and cricket cookies at work and coming home to a big bowl of pasta drenched in a cricket bolognese sauce. A number of entrepreneurs are banking on this environmentally friendly, nutritionally dense protein hopping into the average Joe’s diet and are […]

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