I’m Ross and I work with people who love food and help them get more out of their meals by introducing them to the great taste and nutritional benefits of including crickets into their diets.

I run Kric8 where we help people include crickets into their diets through our range of cricket pasta, flavoured crickets and our great tasting cricket protein powder, which is great in a smoothie or cake.

When I’m not teaching people about how insects are good for the planet and the environment or in the kitchen making our cricket protein pasta I can be found travelling around my favourite towns in Puglia enjoying the great food and maybe a glass or two of the local red wine or sitting on one of the beaches reading.

After completing the London to Brighton 100k challenge (me with the great Mr Motivator below) a couple of years ago I am training for another 100k ultra challenge, this time from Bath to Cheltenham which I am hoping to finish in under 20 hours.



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